Tuesday, December 13, 2011

St. Lucia

Although I like very much the Scandinavian tradition of the crown with candles, we celebrate the feast of Saint Lucia according to traditions of our country of origin. Anyway, I imagine my daughers in white, carrying the candles on their heads - it will come one day, for sure!

In our tradition, St. Lucia alias "Lucka" symbolises light and purity. She comes into the house after sunset dressed in white, with her face dusted with flour, a wooden spoon in one hand and a bell in the other. She goes through the house and checks whether it is tidy. Mess can make her very angry!
While the children played upstairs with their dad and I went to the grocery store, there was Lucka in the house. She rang the bell and  went straight to the children's room to controll if everything is clean (fortunately, we cleaned the room today, such a coincidence!) The children could see her from the stairs and dad made a picture of her so I can post it.
It seems like Lucka was satisfied - she left a gift in the room:

What a beautiful book!


  1. it is, isn't it! i couldn't find an english version, but the wonderful pictures are the same anyway :-)

  2. yes, thanks for the inspiration! The pictures are sooo cute!