Sunday, December 4, 2011

Writing to Ježíšek

Our Christmas gift-bringer is not Santa, Père Noël, Weihnachtsmann or any other of the laughing fat men in red. No, friends. We wait every year for our Ježíšek, a mysterious spirit-like child who brings things we wish, then  rings a little bell and disappears in all modesty to watch our joy covertly.  Every year we try to spot him, we feel that we saw a little corner of his cloak three years ago but we really do not know how he exactly looks like. Even Wikipedia is not sure about it. There is something about Ježíšek - to us, Ježíšek and all the Christmas magic coming with him is something what we wish to preserve.  
So, every Advent, we write letters to him. Some of us draw their wishes, others write long letters about all the important events in previous year.

After finishing the letters, we hang them on a string outside from the window and wait for him to arrive and take them.
It may take several days. Soon, we are sure, the girls will excitedly tell us that the letters are gone. Then we will know: he could find us even so far avay! Hallelujah! 


  1. What a lovely tradition! I can just imagine their excitement when the letters disappear :)

  2. How sweet, I have never heard of such a tradition.
    The magic of Christmas int he lives of children, big and small...Beautiful!